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Testing and Evaluation

Dynastat has implemented all major tests for evaluating voice communication systems for both speech intelligibility and speech quality. Dynastat's laboratory facilities in Austin, Texas are equipped to routinely perform all major methods for evaluating the performance of voice communication systems.

bulletSpeech Intelligibility Testing:
bulletDiagnostic Rhyme Test (DRT)*
bulletModified Rhyme Test (MRT)*
bulletPhonetically Balanced Word Lists (PB)*
bulletDiagnostic Medial Consonant Test (DMCT)
bulletDiagnostic Alliteration Test (DALT)
bulletICAO Spelling Alphabet (SpAT)

    [*-ANSI standards for speech intelligibility testing]

bulletSpeech Quality (Acceptability) Evaluation:
bulletDiagnostic Acceptability Measure (DAM)
bulletMean Opinion Score (MOS)
bulletDegradation Mean Opinion Score (DMOS)
bulletComparison Mean Opinion Score (CMOS)


Dynastat maintains two 10 member listening crews for purposes of evaluating the performance of voice communication systems for government and commercial customers.

Ongoing Research Efforts:

bulletEstablishing the relationships between methods used for evaluating voice communication systems.
bulletDeveloping methods for assessing speaker recognizability.
bulletRefinement of the DAM.
bulletDevelopment and validation of new testing methods.


bulletDynastat maintains an extensive library of recorded materials for all major tests of speech intelligibility and quality.
bulletDynastat produces recordings of new materials as needed to supplement that library (i.e., new tests, ambient noise conditions, etc.).